Monday, August 24, 2015

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

These Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches are the perfect treat for a hot summer day!  They were originally featured on Somewhat Simple.  They are deliciously simple, and easy enough for little helpers in the kitchen.  They are great as-is, or you can cover the ice cream in sprinkles.  Perfect for parties!

These mini ice cream sandwiches are easy to put together, and they're just the right size for little hands and little tummies! My kids go crazy for these...maybe because everything is better when it's mini!

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • 20 sandwich cookies
  • favorite ice cream, homemade or store-bought
  • sprinkles, optional
  1. Separate sandwich cookies and lay them on a pan with the insides facing up.
  2. Scrape off filling (unless you want it in your sandwich. Otherwise, just leave it! I usually remove it.)
  3. Soften ice cream, but make sure it isn't melted.
  4. Using a medium cookie scoop, place one scoop of ice cream on 20 of the cookies (half of all the sandwich cookies).
  5. Top each ice cream scoop with the other cookie sandwich half. Press down slightly to secure cookies and push ice cream to the edge of the cookies.
  6. If ice cream is still firm enough, roll ice cream edge in sprinkles or sprinkle them directly onto the ice cream, if desired. If ice cream is too soft, place in freezer until it is firm enough to hold up, but not hardened.
  7. Cover and place ice cream sandwiches in freezer until ice cream has hardened. For this small size, mine usually take about an hour.
  8. Remove from freezer just prior to serving.

  • If your ice cream seems to be melting fast and losing its shape, return it to the freezer until it's firm enough to work with. I learned from experience that multiple batches are a must for my warm kitchen.
  • We keep our freezer pretty cold, so your ice cream sandwiches may take longer to harden if it's not arctic temps like ours.
  • I used Oreo Cookies, use your favorite variety of cookie (cookies like Biscoff or Chips Ahoy also work great).

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    Monday, August 10, 2015

    S'mores Pizookie

    This post originally appeared on Skip To My Lou, as part of their summer series.  Keep reading if you love simple, rich, delicious, groan-worthy desserts!  Give it a try and let me know what you think!  Even if you don't love s'mores, and I know there are a few of you out there, I'd be willing to bet this one would change your mind.

    This S'mores Pizookie is out-of-this-world!  The first time I made it was for my son's birthday party.  We offered it to the parents when they came to pick up their kids, and they all wanted some!  If it had been regular birthday cake, I can't help but think there would have been less enthusiastic sampling.  They all LOVED it!  Maybe it's just my family, but we're really not big cake eaters.  This however, I could eat every day.  It's rich and gooey and decadent, which probably makes it a little dangerous!  Top it with ice cream, or eat it as matter how you do it, you're going to love it!

    The cookie base is a slightly modified version of my Congo Squares recipe.  Since I'm a big proponent of freezing extra batches of cookie dough, and it was a little tricky to halve, I just left it at full-batch measurements.  Because honestly, it's always a good idea to have cookie dough in the freezer.

    S'mores Pizookie

    • 1/2 cup butter, softened
    • 1/4 cup coconut oil
    • 2 1/4 cups brown sugar
    • 3 eggs
    • 2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
    • 2 1/2 tsp baking powder
    • 1 Tbsp cornstarch
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
    • 35 Rolos, unwrapped
    • about 10 square Marshmallows, cut in half crosswise (like a hamburger bun)
    1. Preheat oven to 350.
    2. Cream the butter, coconut oil and sugar.  
    3. Add eggs one at a time, beating until incorporated.
    4. Add the flour, baking powder, cornstarch & salt and combine.
    5. Stir in chocolate chips.
    6. Divide dough in half.  (freeze one half for later use, or make 2 pizookies.)
    7. Oil a 12-inch skillet and press dough evenly to the edges.  
    8. Bake 20-25 minutes, or until lightly browned on top. 
    9. Remove from oven and turn on the broiler. 
    10. Place Rolos on the hot pizookie.  
    11. Top with marshmallow halves.
    12. Return pan to oven to toast the marshmallows under the broiler.  Watch carefully, it will take less than a minute.  The marshmallows will burn very quickly if left too long.
    13. Cool and cut into slices.
    • I slide mine out of the pan prior to cutting it, it's much easier than trying to cut it in the skillet (which I've also done).
    • Any size and shape marshmallows will work, just use enough to cover the cookie.  Cut large marshmallows in half crosswise.

    Becky blogs over at Bite of Delight.  She is wife to one, mama to four, and spends a ridiculous amount of time cleaning her kitchen...where she spends most of her time cooking up something new!  When she's not cooking (or doing dishes), you can find her running, reading, or trying to keep up with her kids.

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      Monday, August 3, 2015

      No-Churn Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream

      I originally posted this No-Churn Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream on Somewhat Simple.  This recipe is easy, delicious, and will taste like it took a whole lot more effort!  The only hard part is waiting for it to freeze.  Even if you don't like strawberry ice cream, give this a try, I bet you will love it!  (Seriously, read below about my husband, who doesn't like the famous Bear Lake raspberry shakes!)

       Update: Last night we had dinner with some of my Mother-In-Law's friends that were passing through town on their way home from vacation.  One of them said strawberry ice cream is his favorite, and that THIS strawberry ice cream was incredible.  They had stopped at the BYU Creamery to get some of their famous ice cream...and he said this was better.  I must say, I quite liked these people.  
       No-Churn Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream

      •  2 cups heavy whipping cream
      • 1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk
      • dash of salt (optional)
      • 6 cups quartered strawberries
      • 1/4 cup sugar
      • 1 T balsamic vinegar
      1.  Preheat oven to 325.
      2. Combine the quartered strawberries, sugar and balsamic.  Spread into a single layer on a lined cookie sheet and roast for 35-40 minutes.  Cool completely.
      3. Mash or puree the strawberries.  Be sure to collect all the juices from the pan.
      4. Whip the cream until stiff peaks form.
      5. Add the sweetened condensed milk and dash of salt (if using) to a medium mixing bowl.  
      6. Fold in the whipped cream and prepared berries.  
      7. Pour into a freezer-safe container (I used a 9x5 bread pan).  Cover well and freeze for at least 6 hours.   

      • I wanted to have small strawberry chunks in my ice cream, so I started out by mashing the roasted berries.  The chunks were still bigger than I wanted, so I pulsed them in my blender a few times, and they were perfect!
      • The strawberries do not taste like balsamic vinegar.  The vinegar just deepens the flavor and adds something amazing.
      • My husband is not a fan of the famous Bear Lake Raspberry Shakes that you can buy all summer at Bear Lake.  It seems shocking, I know, but he's never liked them.  He didn't think he would like this ice cream either...but when he tasted it he used words like: Surprised.  Wow.  Amazing.  
      • Any freezer-safe container will work: bread pan, glass or ceramic baking dish, plastic storage container, etc. 

      Monday, July 27, 2015

      Grilled Cheese Pizza Dippers

      These grilled cheese pizza dippers were featured on Somewhat Simple last month.  This is one of the few pizza variations that gets ALL of my kids excited!  They are simple to make, easy to eat, and it's a much faster way to get a pizza fix than making it from scratch!  What's your favorite grilled cheese variation?  We love them all!
      grilled cheese pizza dippers 5

      These Grilled Cheese Pizza Dippers were a serendipitous discovery. When my now-7-year-old was just a baby, I was planning on making grilled cheese for dinner (because that's a great way for a mom with a newborn to feed a family with a picky 3-year-old!). I went to the fridge to get what I needed, and I was sad to realize that we were out of cheddar cheese. I did what any desperate mom would do at dinner time...I started looking for something to sub in! I quickly found some mozzarella and pepperoni, and so were born these easy, quick and kid-pleasing Grilled Cheese Pizza Dippers. They go together in a snap, and it's a nice variation if your kids ask for grilled cheese as much as mine!

      grilled cheese pizza dippers 1

      I watched my husband make grilled cheese one night and decided that the way he assembled everything was much easier than the way I had always done it. Butter each slice for the sandwich, then put the buttered sides together. Load up the cheese (and anything else going in), then pick up the top piece of bread and easily transfer it to the hot griddle. Finish by putting the other piece of bread on top of the cheese, butter-side-up. So simple!

      grilled cheese pizza dippers 4


      • 8 slices of bread
      • 16 slices of mozzarella cheese *
      • 16 slices of pepperoni
      • 4 Tablespoons butter, softened
      • 1-2 teaspoons garlic/pizza seasoning (I used Johnny's Garlic Spread & Seasoning)**
      • 4 oz pizza sauce
      *Since the size and thickness of your cheese is probably different from mine, use enough cheese for 4 sandwiches.

      **My kids have very bland palates, so they prefer less seasoning.

      1. Preheat a griddle or panini press to medium heat (about 350 degrees).
      2. Place pepperoni (not touching) on a paper towel-lined plate, and microwave for 20-30 seconds. (This will remove some of the grease and crisp them up...we don't like rubbery pepperoni!). We like to cut them into fourths for these sandwiches.
      3. In a small bowl, combine the garlic seasoning and softened butter.
      4. Place all slices of bread on a clean counter (keeping sandwich pairs together) and butter one side of each slice of bread. You may not need all the butter, so just save it for next time!
      5. For each sandwich pair, place the buttered sides together. Add the cheese and pepperoni to each of the four stacks (and anything else you like on your pizza! We are plain Janes and stick to the basics).
      6. Take the piece of bread with the cheese and pepperoni on it (not both...just the one with the toppings) and place it on the griddle/pan with that buttered side staying down. Then top with the other piece of bread, buttered side up.
      7. Cook until the bottom is browned, 2-3 minutes, then flip and cook the other side until browned. If using an electric panini press, both sides will cook at the same time, so no flipping necessary.
      8. Cut into strips (we do thirds) and serve immediately with your favorite pizza dipping sauce!
      grilled cheese pizza dippers 3
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      Thursday, July 23, 2015

      Grilled Swordfish Steak

      Grilled Swordfish Steak was new territory for us since we really don't eat a lot of seafood.  We weren't sure what to expect before the swordfish went on the grill, but all I can say is WOW!  It was fab.u.lous.  It wasn't a flaky texture like salmon, it was firm and juicy and mild and so delicious.  If you splurge on swordfish, be sure to give this marinade a try, you'll love it!

      Grilled Swordfish

      • juice of 1/2 lemon
      • 1 Tbsp avocado oil
      • 1/4 tsp crushed rosemary (dried)
      • 2 cloves garlic, minced
      • salt & pepper to taste (about 1/4 tsp each)
      • 2 swordfish steaks
      1. Combine lemon juice, oil, rosemary, garlic and salt & pepper in a zip top bag.  Add swordfish steaks and let marinate about an hour.
      2. Heat grill to med-high.  Remove steaks from marinade and discard.  Grill swordfish for 4-6 minutes per side, or until just opaque. 
      3. Serve with additional lemon wedges.

      I am a Whole Foods Blogging Ambassador.  This post was written in exchange for a gift card to purchase food.  Any opinions are my own.

      Monday, July 20, 2015

      Strawberry Cheesecake Tarts

      This post originally appeared on Somewhat Simple, where I contribute monthly.  There are so many amazing ideas, crafts and recipes that you definitely want to check it out after you make these simple and delicious strawberry tarts!  They are heavenly and indulgent...and perfect for sharing.
      I'm so excited to tell you about this luscious recipe for Strawberry Cheesecake Tarts!  But first, I have a confession to make.  I feel guilty.  I smuggled one of these beauties into a movie.  Really.  It all started when I posted a picture of the tart on Instagram, and my friend jokingly told me to bring it to our girls' night movie.  I jokingly told her I would.  And then I kept thinking about taking it, and how it really needed to be eaten anyway...  So I grabbed my biggest purse, plus plates, forks, napkins & a pie server, and we ate a Strawberry Cheesecake Tart during the trailers!  Two of my friends even took their own pictures of the tart and posted on Instagram before the movie started.  It's that delicious.  So take it from the semi-guilt ridden crazy person that sneaked an entire dessert into a movie, you don't want to miss this recipe!  (And don't worry, we also bought popcorn, soda, fries & ice cream, so the theater still made plenty of money off of us.)  Now, on to the recipe!
      Strawberry Cheesecake Tart
      • 16 oz Sugar Cookie Dough (store-bought or homemade)
      For the Cheesecake:
      • 8 oz cream cheese, softened
      • 6 oz strawberry greek yogurt
      • 1/4 cup powdered sugar
      • 1/2 tsp vanilla
      • zest and juice of 1/2 lemon
      For the Strawberry Topping:
      • 2 lbs strawberries, washed and hulled
      • 1/2 cup water
      • 1/2 cup sugar
      • 2 Tbsp cornstarch
      • 2 Tbsp strawberry Jell-o powder
      1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
      2. Grease and flour 2 tart dishes.  Divide sugar cookie dough in half.  Roll each half into a circle just bigger than the dish (roll it out onto parchment...makes transfer much easier), then press the dough into the dish.  Repeat for second dish.
      3. Bake until edges are lightly browned, 10-15 minutes.  Recipes and crust thickness will vary, so watch them after 10 minutes so they don't overbake.  Cool.
      4. Add the cheesecake ingredients to a medium mixing bowl, and mix until thoroughly combined.  Pour half of the cheesecake mixture into each cooked and cooled sugar cookie crust.
      5. Cover and refrigerate until cheesecake is set.
      6. Arrange strawberries in desired pattern on the cheesecake.
      7. In a medium saucepan, combine the water, sugar and cornstarch, and boil until clear.
      8. Remove from heat and add the Jell-o powder.  Thoroughly combine.
      9. With a pastry brush, brush the Jello-o mixtures over the strawberries.  If desired, cover the exposed cheesecake edges (or leave as-is, depending on the look you're going for!).
      10. Return to refrigerator until ready to serve.
      • If making this a day ahead, try brushing the inside of the cooled sugar cookie crust with melted white chocolate.  This will provide a barrier, preventing the moist cheesecake filling from making the crust too soft.  Plus, chocolate!  Bonus.
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      Monday, July 13, 2015

      Getting to Know Me!

      I've mentioned before that I've joined the contributor team of the fabulous blog Or So She Says.  I did a post to introduce myself there, so I'm reposting it here so all of you can get to know me a little better too!  Keep reading to learn all the things you weren't sure you wanted to know.  

      It’s always fun to start a new year here on ‘Or so she says…’ because I get to introduce to you a bunch of new and fabulous bloggers who have joined the blog team. There is sooooo much talent and creativity out there and my behind-the-scenes gals and myself work really hard to find our very favorites and slap a ‘she’ in front of their name. We’re pretty excited about these gals, both new AND the ones who are sticking around for another year. There will be oodles of blog posts and ideas coming your way. So be here, every day, yo. There’s always something new… recipes, parenting tips, travel ideas, crafts, gift ideas, and so much more!

      Today I want to introduce you to Becky from Bite of Delight.

      We all have a certain type of food blog that we're attracted to, right?? My favorite ones are the ones filled with recipes that are simple, family-friendly, not too frilly, and of course, delicious. Becky's blog, Bite of Delight, fits the bill EXACTLY. I'm so happy to have her contributing, so she can share some of her talent with you! Stop by her blog and you'll be pinning like crazy... especially if you look at her Favorite Recipes tab. I want to try them all!

      A few of my favorites from her blog: Easy Overnight French Bread, Cranberry Salsa with Orange Ginger Cream Cheese, and Thin Mint S'mores.

      My #1
      My name is Becky and I'm so excited to be a part of the Or So She Says team!
      Clayton Fam Oct 2012 600px
      I'm a Utah girl married to my best guy and together we have four little buddies. I love to cook and keep track of my kitchen adventures on my blog Bite of Delight. I spend more time in my kitchen than anywhere else in my house, and you can usually find me elbow-deep in my latest project! I love to bake, but I usually prefer a savory snack over a treat. Bread is my weakness, especially when it is hot out of the oven with homemade freezer jam. I also love to read, crochet, run half marathons, braid hair, go on dates with my husband, hang out with my family, and go out with friends.
      My #1 favorite blog post from 2014: These {gluten-free} Rolo Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies are so easy to make, plus they are delicious! GF rolo stuffed peanut butter cookies 450px
      If you're gluten-free, rejoice! These cookies are flourless, so you don't have to worry about substituting anything. Just stir together a few ingredients, and bake!
      My #1 most pinned post from 2014: This is not just my most pinned post from 2014, but my most popular post ever.
      one pot pasta main 450px
      This One Pot Pasta is inexpensive, easy, fast, healthy & delicious. All the things I love in a meal! You can have it ready to go in about 20 minutes, start to finish. Win!!
      My #1 favorite book: This is a hard one for me because I LOVE to read. I have a favorite list for every genre I read, so choosing a favorite book is like choosing my favorite child...I can't, they're all my favorite!
      My quick and dirty list would probably be:
      Children's: Number the Stars
      Young Adult: Keys of the Watchmen
      Looking at this list, apparently I have a deep love for World War II stories! They are some of the most touching, emotional stories of bravery, hope and perseverance.
      My #1 beauty product: Coconut Oil! I use coconut oil in place of lotion, and just started using it to deep condition my hair. My hair is naturally wavy, and hard to tame! Coconut oil makes it feel healthier and smoother and I have fewer my waves are curlier and more uniform. Hallelujah!
      My #1 favorite healthy recipe: Chipotle Copycat Guacamole! This is usually gone in 5 minutes every time I make it. It's delicious and loaded with good stuff!
      Guacamole Chipotle Copycat 450px
      My #1 movie: Pride & Prejudice is my favorite movie! I'm a sucker for a happy ending, and this one gets me every time! (I love all the versions of this, but my absolute favorite is the loooong A&E version) After reading Pride & Prejudice in high school at my mom's recommendation, Jane Austen is one of my heroes!
      My #1 family vacation: Our very favorite place to go as a family is Huntington Beach, CA. We can't get enough of the sand, sun, water, pool, beach bike rides and food! We love to watch the surfing competitions, shop at the weekly Main St. street fair (the mini farmer's market is to die for), and visit the amazing library (with the best children's area we've ever seen, and the best used book sale that sucks me in every time). And oddly enough, the Dairy Queen there has the best Butterfinger-Snickers Blizzard anywhere. We always get one when we're there! And no trip feels complete without a visit to Houston's for the amazing Thai Steak & Noodle Salad. Can you tell we love food?! We also get a chuckle out of the inevitable stares from people (that literally stop what they're doing and just stare) at the family with four little kids. Apparently two kids constitutes a big family in HB!
      HB fam pic
      My #1 place to spend money: I'd have to say Target, specifically the clearance and Dollar Spot sections! I love a good deal, so I always check the clearance items first. I love to shop a season/size ahead for my kids this way. Also, I think they should rename it the Thirty Dollar Spot, since it seems like you can't get away from it without loading up on something!
      My #1 personal mantra: "In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured." Sometimes I forget that we're supposed to have fun too, and I love this quote that reminds me to lighten up!
      My #1 goal for the new year: I've thought about this a lot since the end of December, and I've decided on one word. TIME. I want to be more purposeful with my time. It's so easy to waste time on distractions and unimportant things, or even spend too much time on important things. I want to spend more time on the things I love, like my children, projects for my home, and hobbies. We all have the same amount of time every day, and I want to give it more meaning in my life and to my family. I want to use it and utilize it, and not wonder where all my time went by the end of the day. This can be challenging with kids when so much of the day is filled with things that you can't check off a list (like changing diapers and cleaning up lunch and doing puzzles), but I have a lot of room for improvement, so this is my year!

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      Monday, July 6, 2015

      How to Make Brown Sugar

      Have you ever been in the middle of a recipe and realized you were out of brown sugar?  Even though I usually buy in bulk when I find a great sale, this has happened to me a couple of instead of running to store, I just makes some of my own!  I always have sugar and molasses on hand, and in just a few minutes it's easy to turn it into your very own perfect brown sugar.
      Brown Sugar

      • 1 cup white sugar
      • 1 Tbsp unsulfured molasses
      1. Add sugar and molasses to a mixer bowl.  Mix on medium speed for several minutes, until the molasses is fully incorporated and looks like brown sugar off the store shelf.  That's it! 

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      Monday, June 29, 2015

      Pineapple Orange Julius {Pops}

      This post originally appeared on Utah Sweet Savings as a Scrumptious Sunday feature. It's so easy to whip up, and it's so delicious!  I hope you love this one as much as we do!  (And I should probably include my sister in that too, because I make her try a lot of these recipes before you see them, and she loved this one!)

      Hi Utah Sweet Savings Readers!  I'm Becky from Bite of Delight, and I'm thrilled to be here today sharing these yummy treats...that you can have two ways!  With school winding down and summer just around the corner, I'm always looking for healthier treats for my kids.  This is our new favorite, a tropical twist on the classic Orange Julius!

      This Pineapple Orange Julius is a cool, delicious summertime treat that you can enjoy as a refreshing drink, or as a popsicle!  We love it both ways, so we usually pour some into the popsicle molds and then drink the rest!  It never lasts long, but it's so simple to put together that making more is a cinch!

      Pineapple Orange Julius {Pops}

      • 1 (20 oz) can pineapple chunks, undrained
      • 1 cup milk (dairy or non-dairy)
      • 6 oz orange juice concentrate
      • 2 Tbsp sugar
      • 1 tsp vanilla
      • 10 ice cubes
      1. Add all ingredients to blender and process until smooth.
      2. Serve immediately as a delicious drink, or pour into popsicles molds and freeze 4-6 hours.
      • If you're using a high-speed blender (like Blendtec or VitaMix), this will be smooth in no time.  If you're using a less powerful blender, it may be helpful to add the ice cubes one at a time. 

            Becky blogs over at Bite of Delight.  She is wife to one, mama to four, and spends a ridiculous amount of time cleaning the kitchen...where she spends most of her time cooking up something new!  When she's not cooking (or doing dishes), you can find her running, reading, or trying to keep up with her kids.

            For more of our favorite refreshing treats, try these!
            Orange Julius // Dairy-Free Lower-Sugar Orange Julius // Dairy-Free Pineapple Mango Pops // Dairy-Free Strawberries & Cream Popsicles 

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              Friday, June 26, 2015

              No-Churn S'mores Ice Cream

              This post originally appeared on Crafting Chicks.  This one is simple and delicious...the perfect summertime treat!!

              Hi Crafting Chicks readers, I'm Becky from Bite of Delight, and I'm so excited to be part of the Summer Series!  One of our favorite ways to kick off summer is with rich and creamy homemade ice cream.  But when you combine ice cream with another one of our summer favorites (s'mores!) you get the ultimate summertime dessert!  To sweeten this a little more, I've made it no churn, so it's super simple to make and doesn't require any special kitchen gadgets.  Not only that, but once you taste this delicious, creamy treat, you'll suddenly want to go backyard camping with the kids!

              No-Churn S'mores Ice Cream
              • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
              • 1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk
              • dash salt, optional
              • 3 oz chocolate, chopped (I used 2 (1.55 oz) Hershey bars)
              • 1 1/2 cups mini marshmallows
              • 4 graham crackers
              • hot fudge for drizzling
              1. On a lined cookie sheet, toast the marshmallows under a hot broiler until they are golden.  Let cool.
              2. Whip the cream until stiff peaks form.  
              3. Add the sweetened condensed milk and dash of salt to a medium mixing bowl.  Fold in the whipped cream.
              4. Add the chopped chocolate, half of the toasted marshmallows, and 3 graham crackers (broken into pieces) to the whipped cream mixture.
              5. In a freezer-safe container (I used a 9x5 bread pan), pour half of the mixture.  Spread evenly in the container, then add half of the remaining marshmallows, and pieces from half of the remaining cracker.  Drizzle with slightly warmed hot fudge (only warm it enough to get it to a drizzling consistency, it should not be hot). 
              6. Spread the remaining half of the whipped cream mixture into the pan.  Add the remaining marshmallows, remaining graham cracker (broken into pieces), and drizzle with more of the warmed hot fudge.  
              7. Cover well and freeze for at least 6 hours.

              • Any freezer-safe container will work: bread pan, glass or ceramic baking dish, plastic storage container, etc.
              • Marshmallow lovers can add up to 2 cups of toasted marshmallows (we decided on 1 1/2 cups because my quality control foreman (husband) thought 2 cups was too much...but my marshmallow-loving friend thought 2 cups was just barely enough)
              • The graham crackers soften in the ice cream.  If you want crunchy graham crackers in your ice cream, add additional crackers when serving.

              Becky blogs over at Bite of Delight.  She is wife to one, mama to four, and spends a ridiculous amount of time cleaning the kitchen...where she spends most of her time cooking up something new!  When she's not cooking (or doing dishes), you can find her running, reading, or trying to keep up with her kids.  Follow along on her adventures, she's always cooking up something fun!

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              For "s'more" of my **DAIRY-FREE** summertime favorites, check out:

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